Thursday, March 31, 2011


TOTAL FLOOR AREA : 104.72 sqm.
Monthly Rental : Php 39,000.00

Fully furnished, complete with appliances and furnitures.
2 Bedrooms
2 Toilet and Bath
With maid’s room
With sophisticated design and interiors.
Japanese themed lobby.
With high speed elevator.
Front and Back terraces.
Including emergency power inside the unit (1light, 1 circuit outlet, 1 CO
for refrigerator)
Maximum of 5 occupants
Parking Slot is optional : Additional P3,000.00/mo.

Please see pictures of the unit for lease below:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amiya Rosa Grand Launch, February 26, 2011, Lipa City, Batangas

Message from the Developer from THE AMIYA ROSA LAUNCH

"First we dreamt high, constructed quality and affordable condominiums in the Metro, built a classy and cost-effective nesting place in the core area of the metropolis— Grand 21 Place, The Fifth at Rafael, One Capitol, Two Seven Recidences. We tried our best to give Filipino families the chance to reach for their dream; we built the platform, put them up, and yes, they did reach their dreams.

But it is not enough to just dream high, we need to widen our goals and perspective, toil the landscape of our dream of giving deserving Filipinos enough and wider space where they can freely live the lives they’ve always wanted to live. That is why, as we enter 2011, PTR Properties, one of today’s fastest-growing developers in the city, has decided to take our dream one notch higher. And wider.

We took the challenge and ventured for the first time into subdivision development. We built AMIYA ROSA.  

Located at the developing city of Lipa in the province of Batangas, girded around by shopping malls, schools, churches and markets, true to its name, Amiya Rosa is the charming rose in the center of the city, the comfort in the center of our busy lives. At katulad ng lahat ng aming itinayo at itatayo pang mga tahanan, ang Amiya Rosa ay isa sa mga patunay na maaaring makamtan ng ordinaryong Pilipino ang isang maganda, makabago at disenteng tahanan sa abot-kayang halaga.

You all might be wondering why we named it Amiya Rosa. The name’s sound alone obviously embodies beauty and love, and I was asking myself, What makes a home that is already well-built and sturdy, more habitable to its occupants? What makes a house a home? And what better way to pay tribute to someone who helps me define what is love than to name this project to my one and only mother… Ms. Rosa Ty. (Mom, could you please stand up). She has taught me those, helped us, loved us, always has a big heart to her family, friends and children. She is my epitome of beauty and affection, the one that has the care and love that I want the future occupants of this subdivision to also experience. She is our Amiya Rosa.

And now that we at PTR Properties give you a glimpse of our newest venture, we want this to be a testament of what all of us can attain if we would just abide to our goals—that to live in a convenient and perfect place is possible, that to live in a beautiful and affordable place is possible, that suddenly everything becomes possible if we would just widen our dreams and open the vast fields of our perspectives.

Good day, and welcome, everyone, to AMIYA ROSA."

- excerpt from Mr. Peter Ty's introduction speech,
Amiya Rosa Grand Launch
February 26, 2011, Lipa City, Batangas